Friday, June 26, 2009

highs and lows.

Our big changes for this summer have now been in place for two whole weeks. Sometimes we love our new way of life, and sometimes we don't.
High:Life is quite entertaining living with so many people. Not only are my boys and I seeking refuge at my parents' home, but my sister and family are also living here while her husband does an internship. Add one more sister and her husband, and that makes 7 adults and 5 children: a 3-year-old, THREE 20-ish-month-olds, and one sweet newborn.
We go through a lot of bananas.

See, doesn't this look fun? This is the closest we could get to having all four little ones standing to face the camera. Another high is having Pappy around, whom Carson adores, but a big time low is that Pappy is never home due to a demanding work project.

Low: Carson has no father. And I have no husband.

That's a big low. I am a worrier, and of course I worry that Carson feeling abandoned by his father for a couple of months is going to have lasting detrimental effects.

We've been able to talk on the phone in the evenings, but for the next three weeks we won't, as Rick will be out in the hot San Antonio wilderness, sleeping with a gun under his pillow. That makes me a little nervous.

High: There are people around, so I can leave the house while the kids sleep. Yay for getting to go jog or run errands occasionally. Unfortunately, Everett always seems to want to wake up and have a party as soon as I go. This is how I found him one night at 10:30 p.m. (He's slept 8 hours the past 3 nights in a row though!!!)

Low: I do miss all our friends in Winston, and our cute and peaceful home, and having my own kitchen, and being able to walk to the park, the grocery store, the library, etc. etc. etc. I miss our 6 a.m. running group, and girls' nights, and playgroup, and much more! Being away has made me realize how much I love our little life there!

High: Reagan encourages me to get out of the house. We've been to the zoo, the pool, the park, and even the mall with all 5 kiddos. Without her I would never have the courage to take both boys on those outings!

We are having fun, but we can't wait to have our family back together!


Erika said...

I feel your pain. Last summer my hubby was gone for a month in Mexico and that was a really low time for me. Life just isn't the same without the other half!! Sounds like you're keeping busy. Love the picture of all the bananas. Just think of the happy reunion you'll have when he gets back!!!

Jewels said...

I wish you lived closer to me so we could hang out as single mothers for awhile. Hang in there.

Marge said...

Holy Cow Dickson house FULL! That must be so much fun for your parents but I agree, I bet it is a lot of work. ConGRATS on the sleep filled nights!

reggstyl said...

Don't worry, your replacement spouse will be here tomorrow! (That probably sounds weird--I'm talking about Ashley, people.)

Playful Professional said...

Ha sounds like a full house. At least it's only for the summer right :)

mackenzie said...

oh, we hardly count. we're only home on the weekends.

and the basements coming along!