Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Timmy.

This is Busy Timmy. The story starts out, "Timmy is a big boy. He can put on his outdoor clothes all by himself."

Carson is not himself these days. He is usually a bunny, sometimes a baby, occasionally a turtle, and frequently he refers to himself as Busy Timmy. It all started one day when Carson was riding his rocking horse, and you could almost see the light bulb going off in his head, "Hey! Busy Timmy rides his rocking horse in that one book! I'm riding a rocking horse. I am Busy Timmy!!"

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Life as a full time mother has become much more entertaining since Carson started talking, like yesterday when he wanted to help take out the trash and the "motor-cycling." And then when we were putting the trash on the curb, a big truck went by, which was obviously thrilling to Carson. He put his little hand over his heart and said, "Tank oo very much, truck!" It is just so fun to hear what comes out of that little mouth!!


sam and brittney said...

What a smart boy! It is crazy how they just one day open their mouth and start talking!

MAD K said...

he is so cute.

JS Fight said...

What a sweet boy!! I can't wait for him to play with Ryker at Christmas!!
Love ya!

Marge said...

I thought you went to Ikea, not Harris Teeter. And is it way cool? I'm totally trying to figure out what he is saying. So cute!

Page said...

I should have translated what he's saying... it's so clear to me, but I do spend every waking moment with him!! He did say we went to IKEA, but that wasn't true. We had gone to IKEA the week before. When I told him we really went to Harris Teeter, he said, "cookie," because he gets a free cookie there. And I don't know why he was talking about ice cubes.