Tuesday, September 1, 2009

two boys.

making ev laugh

Everett and I nearly always go in together to greet Carson after his nap. Everett laughs and laughs, watching Carson run around his crib and dive into his blankets. Then, Carson always pulls Everett in with him. He lies down next to little brother and chants, "two boys!! Two boys!!"


This is one of my favorite moments of the day. (The other being the magical 2:00 p.m., right now, when suddenly both boys are asleep, the washer is humming, and it's beautifully peaceful.)

Carson certainly has his moments (like last night when he just couldn't resist sinking his teeth into Everett's skin, leaving HUGE bite marks and a screaming little brother), but he really does adore baby Ev.

As I looked through our pictures this afternoon (with a million things to blog about), I was surprised at how many pictures there are of the boys together:

this little piggy

"This little piggy went to market..."

matching clothies

Hanging out on the couch in their cute new diapers.

carson carries ev

Carson constantly asks to "take Effy!! Carry Effy!!"

brothers in the bath

Just another illegal use of the Bumbo chair. Carson thinks it's hilarious that Everett can now come in the bath with him.

reading books2

Carson tells Everett about his favorite books.

wrestling in bath

Everett is unbelievably patient with Carson's clumsy hugs and grabs.

me and my boys

I do love these two boys!

(I've always denied that Everett has my blue eyes... they were dark when he was born... but this picture is making me think otherwise!!)


mackenzie said...

this may be my new favorite post. partly because i like picturing carson saying "take effy!" and also because of the picture of carson grabbing everett's face.

Salem said...

CUTE!!! I LOVE the one in the tub (with the Bumbo) and the one reading a book...such sweet boys...they are going to be the best of friends. :)

Richard & Robyn said...

Those are the SWEETEST pictures!

JenSwen said...

I think this is my favorite post too. Such cute pictures!

sam and brittney said...

How cute! Yes, I think Ev looks like you! I decided that I want a boy next so James can have a buddy!

Marge said...

my fav is the books - that is so stinking cute. I'm going to e-mail you about another vinyl project - something for a FHE chart.