Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's no fun to play alone all day...

...and even just one playmate isn't enough sometimes.

So, yesterday we had about a million friends over!
First, it was the little girls: Ellie, Abby, and Gracie.
(excuse Everett; he was in the middle of a diaper change.)

Carson showed off his manly skills of throwing himself all over his crib, making the girls giggle and giggle. At one point, all three girls were standing at the crib like this, smiling and laughing. Hopefully he figures out some more graceful ways to impress the ladies as he gets older.

And then, in the afternoon, sweet Raegan came to play!

She kindly shared her jacket and umbrella with a slightly confused Everett.

And, after trying to hold hands with the little girls all morning, Carson finally found a friend who agreed to do so! And she played ring-around-the-rosie! Carson was in heaven.

"We all fall down!!"

We loooove having friends over... yesterday went by so fast for me and was a great day for the boys.

Anyone else want to come play?


Melissa said...

I just noticed, did you know Carson's "lilypie" button is of a girl on your sidebar? :)
The REAL question is, did Everett pee all over the ground while you were taking pictures?

Jewels said...

I'll come play! :)

Marge said...

so cute. somehow it seems to fly by when there are extras when in reality you think it would just go a lot slower. great pictures!

Jamie said...

These pictures are SO cute! You have such charming little gentlemen. Thanks again for letting Gracie come play; it looks like she had a very nice time (and she was nicely worn out after!).