Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Break 2009.

We headed to Utah again this Christmas. Somehow both my and Rick's entire sides of the family gathered there, so we got to see EVERYONE! I promise, neither of us grew up there.

We left an unusual but beautiful amount of snow in North Carolina.

First stop: Rick's parents new home. What a beautiful house! Here, Jeanel puts together a gingerbread house in the kitchen.
Carson loved many things about the house, one being Jack, the guard dog. He dragged Jack all over to "show him" different things.
Carson and Everett riding Jack's girlfriend, a pink rocking dog. (I realized that the quality of our pictures taken on this vacation stinks. No pictures of our kids with their grandparents, but plenty of them with large stuffed animals. We'll do better next time.)

Jana and Jaclyn helped Carson decorate another gingerbread house. Despite all their loving care to the boys, when I asked Carson who his favorite cousin was he said, "Justin. And... Jace." Two of his cousins that he probably spent the least time with. Oh well!

Landon and Rick help our boys play the piano. (Everett, by the way, is in love with pianos. He just sits there and plays his little heart out.)

Jeanel and her beautiful, curly new hair read a story to Ryker and Carson.
We spent a few nights at the Greer household. They were so kind to watch our boys one night while we went to a Jazz game with my family. Their kids could not get enough of our babies. Here, Wilson does "how big is a baby?" with Everett.

Cute, cute Santa!! He wore this on one flight to get to Utah. He didn't even need to earn cute points, though; he was SO good on the airplanes!!

We all wish we were little enough to sit on the table while decorating Christmas cookies.

We're not sure if Spencer's face is for the picture, or if this is a common expression of his.

Carson loved all the snow, the "big mountains!" and the cows and horses that we frequently saw in Payson. He imitates me all the time while talking to Rick, as if Rick were a little boy. In the car he would say sweetly, "Daddy, look out the window! You might see some horses!"

My sister Mackenzie took us to her barn to see the horses that she takes care of. Now whenever we mention her, Carson says she must be "turning out the horses."
This was a huge surprise. Carson has always had a love affair with animals in books and pictures, but an intense fear of them in person. This one-eyed cat showed up in the barn, and Carson was all over it, petting and hugging it. Where did that come from???

Christmas Eve at Tyler and Reagan's with their girly bunch was a blast! Ring-around-the rosy is always a favorite.

Little moochers.

My baby and me on Christmas morning. He loves his polar bear from Great-Gram.
This is the response to, "Who loves their crazy, cute pajamas made by Grandmama?"

Grandmama also gave some dress ups. Our cute little puppy!
Carson and Dallyn, or the puppy and the bee, play doctor.

Christmas Day was so fun and crazy with THREE two-year-olds, a three-year-old, and a baby!

So we definitely didn't take pictures of most things we did while in Utah, but some of our favorite moments included Carson getting to know his "Grandma GJ and Grandpa Sam," seeing the lights at temple square, the Otto family adults only party featuring the "Newlywed Game," shopping with Rick's mom, consuming all of their delicious and extravagant neighbor gifts, the home-made gift exchange on New Year's, eating our very first In-N-Out burger, the Jazz game, going to "Jumpin' Jacks", enjoying the amazing food made by my sisters on Christmas Eve, and experiencing the delight of some very thoughtful gifts that we will always cherish!


Davis and Laura said...

Your kids are getting so big and just adorable! Love your family! :)

Sarah said...

So fun that your kids will have all these fun memories with cousins and grand parents.