Friday, January 15, 2010

Monster versus Puppy.

Most nights, at some point our boys are wrestling on mommy and daddy's bed. It is so funny to throw them both on the bed and just see what they do. You think Everett is just this mellow baby until you let him loose on a big bed, and suddenly he's diving in the pillows and laughing his head off.

Anyway, this particular night, Carson happened to be in a monster costume. Everett is himself, but Carson always assumes that Everett is being a puppy. He crawls around, drools, etc., so I guess you can see where he gets the idea.

That is why we call this video Monster versus Puppy. Don't be confused by Carson referring to himself as a football player, and then a basketball player. He switches quite frequently!


Asher, Alla, and Pavil said...


Salem said...

I love Everett's cute!!!

Anonymous said...


suzyQT73 said...

Page I am so glad you are using the monster costume. Brooklyn and I thought Everett would fit into it next year. I guess Carson fits in it now. That is great!!! Brooklyn was so excited to see him in it. She was so happy when she bought this for your sweet little boy. How are you??? Are you coming out in March? Are you going to make it out in August for the family shin dig???