Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Forgotten Pictures.

Oh heavens, I've found another batch of pictures from Christmas vacation. Excuse me while I post them, although it's old news now!

Visiting with our good friend, Kent. We do miss Virginia!

Fun with Pappy at Jumpin' Jacks. Carson still talks about this place.

I actually had a lot of fun at this place, too!

And the family New Year's party. Sadie made Carson the most adorable little box and book. He appropriately calls it his"cute book."

And Jana's gift to Everett included a matching hat, scarf and blanket. Perfect!!
We made headbands for Sadie and Jana. They were so fun to make, and halfway through I thought of doing velcro on the ribbon-covered headband so they could switch the flowers.
Jana, our headband model.
Rick and sisters.


Melissa S. said...

I LOVE the headbands. You'll have to let me look at them for SURE!

sam and brittney said...

Yes, I bought my ticket to go to Kim's wedding. I am only going to be there a short time. Fri. March 5- Sun the 7. I am bringing James because Sam has a test the following Mon. Sad. I was so excited to leave him with Sam. How long are you going to stay in UT? Are you still going to leave your boys with Rick? Oh, I love the headbands. I wish you could teach me how to make them!