Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The latest from our girl (and boys).

Cheeks are still nice and chubby. Legs are still skinny. Eyes are turning dark blue, we think. 9 pounds 2 ounces at her two-week appointment. And somehow now she is four weeks old! Definitely has a fussy time in the evening. But then usually sleeps 5-6 hours.

 Has given a couple of smiles (but only for Daddy, of course).

Is absolutely adored by her biggest brother. Carson will drop anything to get her a diaper or burp rag. He always wants to hold her. He "plays" with her, talks to her, etc. etc. etc. I am surprised that he is so entertained by her even though she just lays there. In this pictures she is in his "rocket ship" with him.

 Doesn't get much attention from this brother. He has gotten mad at her a couple of times when she's occupying my lap. ("No way, baby!!") And don't be confused...Everett is not in a rocket ship; his is a boat at this moment. I love how he's starting to get into all the imaginative play like Carson.

Will be ready to move into her room pretty soon. The reason I took this picture is because I realized that when I am thinking about decorating a room, I get so into it that I start dressing like the room. I used to love the chocolate brown/light blue combo and would often find myself wearing those colors. Faye's room is teal and pink, and I think that subconsciously affected my outfit choice yesterday. 
And doesn't Faye look huge??? I am a little sad that she seems to already be past the newborn stage.


Barbaloot said...

What cute kids---especially the baby girl:) I alwasy freak a little when I see my 3 or 4 year olds nieces and nephews carting around their newborn siblings. Lucky for us, kids came resilient:)

sam and brittney said...

Soo cute! I want to hold her!