Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sometimes I still can't believe I have a girl.

A few days after Faye was born, I just had to visit my favorite little fabric shop. I have never been so happy looking at girly fabrics. The first project is finished: the cutest crib sheet ever.

I think she likes it.
Up next, I want to do some fabric wall silhouettes, like this. But I'm having trouble deciding what shapes to do. Not a giant rooster. I thought of doing several small flowers, or birds, or something, but I can't settle on an idea that I love. Ideas, please?


Garett and Rachel said...

I thought it was the cutest thing ever that you didn't know how the bows work. Just goes to show that you are not vain like me. Enjoy your girl, you so deserve her.

Lynnie said...

DUCKIES! I'm obsessed.

Melissa S. said...

I'm still thinking a crib sheet is a really hard getting it to be fitted enough for it. I'm super impressed. The fabric is GORGEOUS!!! I love it. You should make THOSE for baby shower gifts!
I love it how you got her smiling in the picture.

mackenzie said...

i want to eat her up!

Salem said...

LOVE that fabric! We need to live by each other, so we can make 2 of everything. ;)

Joleen said...

She is so precious, Page. I love both pictures of her. So fun to finally have a girl!