Monday, March 12, 2012

Carson hearts sports.

For a while we were very into Outer Space over here. We checked out every book our library has to offer about the sun, the planets, etc. (And you better believe Carson absorbed tons of random facts, like the names of the planets' biggest moons.) 

Then, we discovered the Magic Treehouse books. Listening to the CDs or playing "Jack and Annie" topped his list of favorite activities. 

Well, now Carson has a new obsession: sports. He pores over Rick's ESPN magazine. He begs to go to our neighbor Barbara's house every day to watch whatever game is on. He can't wait to fill out his March Madness bracket. This sure is a fun interest!

And Carson starts T-ball this week. His first sport! He is beyond happy about this.

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Melissa S. said...

My boys always open ESPN and Sports Illustrated too when they come (but I ended up ordering KIDS sports illustrated because I was SO tired of going through the magazine RIGHT after we got it to tear out any pictures of half-dressed women for advertisements!!!! UGH!)