Friday, March 9, 2012

My baby girl.

I keep telling people she just turned one, but now that I think about it she's more like 13-and-a-half months. How did that happen? We feel like Faye sort of skipped babyhood and went straight to a running-around toddler. 

Faye still nurses once or twice a day. I almost quit when she went through a biting phase at 10 or 11 months, but we worked it out, and I'm so glad we did. 

In the last week, she's started to say a few words clearly. "Mommy" and "baby" are said often and with excitement. These first words are the cutest!

I sewed a dress for this girl! It's much cuter in person than in this awful phone picture. And it fits her better when she doesn't have that right-after-dinner full belly.

My boys have always been pretty well-behaved while running errands. But this Faye-girl refuses to sit in shopping cart, freaks out if she sees a treat or something she wants, and begs to be allowed to run around the store. We make our grocery trips quick these days!

Faye likes to carry a purse or a bag around at all times. Sometimes even the loaf of bread she always steals off the shelf will do.

We always start the day with cute pigtails or a nice bow in her hair. But by naptime she is a mess! 

Sometimes I just watch her for a few minutes and feel so happy that I have a cute, busy baby girl full of personality and spunk. We sure love her!


Brock and Kate said...

The "after-dinner-full-belly" is my absolute favorite!

hughesfamily said...

She IS cute! Love the dress!!!

And, Lily never, ever sat in the cart or left her pigtails/bow in, either. Crazy girls. :)