Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Match Day Celebrations.

So obviously we found out the results of our match months ago, but last Friday was the big Match Day for everyone else! Seeing everyone open their letters (with very happy results) was SO FUN! And having a babysitter take care of our kids twice in one day while we partied was not bad either. Here are some of the girlies right after envelopes were opened.

(Is this a good time to announce that I'm pregnant? Hello, belly button.)
And the boys. All happy with the match!
At the delicious luncheon. I thought the food was just perfect!
Headed to Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona. 
That night we got to go to a real live party!
Party girls. (Yeah right. We are actually all the ones who arrived right at 9 p.m. when it started and left at 10:30, when others were just arriving. We've all got babysitters at home!)


Sarah said...

CONGRATS on the match...AND on being pregnant! :0)

Davis and Laura said...

Double congrats!!! :) I miss you girls..

Christy Gunnell said...

Congratulations Page on being prego!!! That is so exciting. Also, congratulations on being matched in San Antonio. We loved it there this summer! One of my old seminary faculty members is there working for the Army right now actually. We loved how many military families are in San Antonio...it was like having tons of family around. An area we really enjoyed looking at houses in was San Antonio Heights. Good luck with the house hunt!

Rachel K said...


Melissa S. said...

SEriously you look GORGEOUS at match day. YOur hair, make-up, everything!!!! And that made me laugh about your belly button, and your timing to announce. So funny.
That's so cool they did the luncheon overlooking the field! How cool is that?!!?

Brian and Cathy Phillips said...

Congrats on everything! When are you due? Btw, I still remember when your good news in Relief Society was that your belly button had popped. Well, now that baby seems all grown up, you have two others, and another on the way. And good luck on the move! What fun and exciting times!