Friday, July 6, 2012

The big move...

...and a few more little things I wanted to document pre-move.

Mother's Day 2012. Thanks for eating all my breakfast in bed, boys!
Faye and I matched on Mother's Day. Whenever I see cute stretchy fabric, I buy it and make an easy skirt for myself. This Sunday morning, I sewed a little tube dress for Faye real quick out of the same fabric. Oh man, this girl's little body is so cute. That belly!
For Rick's birthday he took the boys to a Dash game. This picture is soooo similar to some of Rick when he was younger.
This one is a lot more interested in the hot dogs and playing with the chairs than the actual game.

Moving the day after graduation made for a really crazy couple of days, but it was good to get out sooner than later. The kids had fun playing with emptied shelves, moving boxes, etc.
His surfboard.
Had to throw Faye up there for a picture.
Rick's parents kindly stayed after graduation to help with the move.
Lots of friends came to help load up the truck. It was crazy... I was not totally ready and was throwing last-minute things into bags and boxes. In our defense, we had planned on the Army moving us and didn't find out until a couple of weeks prior that we'd be doing the move ourselves. I would have had lots more packed in advance had I known! We are SO grateful to everyone who helped pack up, and to amazing neighbor Kerry who took my kids to her house more than once throughout the moving prep. It all worked out, and Grandpa Sam did a great job organizing the truck-packing. 

We actually packed up the truck the same day as graduation. That day was so crazy! Of course Rick and I stayed up super late finishing and trying to clean a bit. In the early morning hours when it was finally time to get some sleep, we looked around and realized we had packed every pillow, blanket, sheet, etc. That was not fun to sleep on a bare air mattress!
There's the good old Penske. The boys still love to look for Penske trucks and wonder if each one might be "our Penske." Also, that moving truck was filled to the brim. So, when we have more kids and more stuff, are we going to need two of those things or what??
Can you see who is "driving" the Taurus? It's our skeleton.
Lunch one last time in front of the old house before actually pulling away. (Thanks to Jamie for snapping these pictures!)
These are "where on earth are we?" faces. So, we all (our family plus Rick's parents) drove the first leg of the journey to Tennessee. We were so glad to be able to see Rick's aunts and uncles, plus some friends in Crossville, TN. The visit was short, as the next morning the girls went to the airport to catch a flight the rest of the way, and the boys pushed on driving the moving truck and van. Faye unexpectedly did AWESOME on the flight, and Rick's mother and I were able to get to the new house quickly, order new carpet, and get some paint supplies. The boys also did great on the drive; Rick drove the van and his dad drove the Penske. Carson and Everett took turns riding in the moving truck, which they loved! They arrived in record time, and then the unpacking began...
Carson actually took a million pictures like this one, which accurately portray the mess that moving and unpacking really is.
We got things out of boxes pretty quickly, and it was nice to do some normal tasks, like cutting the boys' hair. (After running around and getting sweaty a few times, they requested the buzzes!)
Celebrating in the new house. I am so glad that moving thing is over!


Paul and Madeline said...

Okay, this post stressed me out -- why did you guys have to move yourselves??? Did the Army at least pay for it? Not cool!


swaffgirl said...
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swaffgirl said...

We're so glad we were able to see your sweet family. We wish we could've have more time, though!

Jamie said...

LOOOOOOOVE the picture of all three kids on the shelves!! Adorable. Totally frame-worthy.