Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grandmama's visit: Chick-fil-A, the Alamo, and baking cookies.

My mom came down for  a visit to see us and San Antonio. Highlights included...

The annual "dress like a cow and get free Chick-fil-A" day. 
Carson's signature forehead lines. I think this one is due to the sun, but when he gets angry the forehead V really comes out.
Pigtails are the best!
One of Grandmama's best talents is getting Everett to eat.
We're pretty sure that if she lived with us full time, Everett's spot on the growth curve would jump dramatically.
Three little cows!
Another highlight was a Saturday morning spent in downtown San Antonio. We visited the Alamo and the Riverwalk. 
So, Faye and I have almost-matching dresses coincidentally. I would never match on purpose, but Rick got Faye dressed this morning and I had to go with it!

The Alamo was a good, quick and interesting tour. Surprisingly, the boys loved it and ask to go back there all the time. I've also heard Everett ask Carson if he wants to play Alamo and be the Mexicans attacking the Texans. 
Next stop, a boat ride on the River Walk.
Would somebody help me keep this girl on the boat?
Grandmama always keeps herself busy when visiting her daughters. Here's she helps make curtains.
Just like a true Grandma, she baked cookies with the boys. I love intense conversations with Everett.
Flour hands.
We all agreed that Grandmama should have stayed a little longer. Can't believe that next time she comes, there will be a tiny baby to snuggle!


Jamie said...

I accidentally dressed Grace to match me on my birthday. She was so excited that I just went with it. :) And I LOVE Faye's pigtails! Adorable!!!

(Thanks for the heads up on Ikea--I actually did the math, and the one near San Antonio is closer to the one near Vegas. haha. I know I am so weird.)

Brock and Kate said...

I love your mom too. Looks like she has the grandma thing down :)

mackenzie said...

I like that mom is wearing several items of clothing from my closet while I'm gone. :)

Emily said...

What cute little cows :) I accidentally dress my kids in similar outfits to mine all the time and don't realize it until I'm out the door... Part of being a mom I guess.