Friday, July 13, 2012

Carson AND Everett swim!

Big day yesterday!

Carson has never been a fan of putting his face/head in the water. Both boys just finished two weeks of swim lessons, where they had fun and gained a lot of confidence in the water, but they didn't really progress a ton.

 So, Grandmama is here for a visit, and since the rain let up (yes, rain! in San Antonio!) we went to the pool yesterday afternoon. Totally out of no where, Carson started taking huge breaths of air and going under water for quite a long time. Grandmama would put a ball three or four feet in front of him and tell him to go under and swim to the ball, and he did!! A few minutes later, Everett was doing the same. I still can't believe they were so brave!

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Lynnie said...

Big summer for Carson- bike AND swimming? I'm glad they are enjoying the glories of the season!