Thursday, August 23, 2012

arts and crafts/fashion statements.

So I have to recommend this book, called Easy Art Fun! do-it-yourself crafts for beginning readers by Jill Frankel Hauser. I have not been doing much with my kids as far as projects go lately, but this book has ideas so simple that Carson can read and at least start doing them on his own. Most days he does one or two crafts from that book, and they really are simple and fun. (Also, look mom, I finally hemmed those last curtains!)
Craft time is usually a disaster with Faye. She thinks glue sticks are lip gloss, and she applies it quite liberally. Playing with dried beans actually kept her occupied for a long time! But man, I should have taken a picture of the floor afterwards. Oh well, five minutes of sweeping it up was well worth it.
And I have to comment on my boys' lovely outfit choices this particular day. Here, Carson was going for a monochrome look.
And Everett is rocking the pattern mixing.
I love that my boys dress themselves quite independently, but seriously, I need to get organized and encourage some proper shirt and short combinations!
I guess they can't go wrong with the minimalist look. Check out those Texas tans!

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Jamie said...

LOL. There are the nudies I remember! I love their outfit mixing, but I totally understand because Gracie used to dress herself the same way. Now I fold her clothes together into outfits (shirt around matching pants) and put them in her drawer that way. If she wants to go crazy, I tell her she can wear any shirt she wants with jeans. So far it is working!