Wednesday, August 29, 2012

school starts.

We have a child in school! Carson is attending Pre-K at Scobee Elementary. He goes every day from 7:45 until 10:45 a.m. We're glad we're active duty military so he can do this program! 

The night before school started, we had a special back-to-school dinner. We talked about goals for the school year and recorded them on their name cards. Carson's goals are: learn multiplication and division (totally his idea), practice the piano every day without getting frustrated, and to make friends with everyone in his class. Everett's goals are to finish his whole workbook, to learn to read, and to cooperate in pre-school. (He and three other kids will do a co-op once a week where us moms will teach.) Faye's goals are to potty train and to learn to pray. My goals are to take good care of the new baby, finish decorating the house, and to not ever yell at the kids. And Rick... well, he will just keep working and sleeping a couple of hours a day. 

Carson made our "back to school" banner.

Carson wasn't nervous at all for the first day. Although he didn't sleep much the night before! He loves schedules and structure and is just happy to be in school. Doesn't he look handsome! I should comb my kids' hair more often.

So, we get in the van to drive to the big first day of school, and the car won't start. (This has not been a great week so far. Monday morning involved getting a new battery for the van, and pretty much all day yesterday was spent getting our air conditioning running again after a very hot night!) I quickly called my friend Sarah, and she picked us up on her way to school. We both have three kids, so obviously we just all crammed in her van to get to school! 
On the Scobee bench, ready to go in to school. Everett is being anti-pictures again.
Everett with his hand on Carson's back. So cute.
Carson's teacher, Mrs. Bellah, asks him if he can find his name. I am curious to see when or if she discovers that he can actually read chapter books!
We have heard she is a great teacher!
Faye wonders why she got yanked out of bed to come to this strange new place.  
I have been up since 4 working on Carson's baby book. (Have to get it done before the Groupon expires!) It is so fun to remember his birth and first few months. He has always been such a good, smart boy. I am so proud of him for being so confident about going to school. We know he will do great!


Robyn said...

The back to school dinner looks really fun and simple enough to keep up each year. Maybe we'll have to give it a try.
You look super cute, especially for getting your kid to school by 7:45am!

Lynnie said...

Yay Carson! He's such a rockstar, Page. You know how remarkable that is, right? Rock on y'all!