Tuesday, September 11, 2012

39 weeks...

I am so curious about how this one is going to make her entrance!

I have had babies both early and late, at 37, 39, and then 41 weeks. I have gone into labor three different ways: once with contractions, once it started with my water breaking, and once I was induced. This pregnancy is very similar to Faye's, so maybe I'm up for another induction a week overdue; who knows!

I am feeling great and still happy to be pregnant, so there's no rush. I have actually gotten SO much done this past week or so. I bought a second freezer off of Craigslist and have been busy filling it with meals, homemade bread, cookie dough, etc. etc. I won't have to cook for a long time with that thing full of already prepared foods! I also painted a dresser for the new baby and have been working on other decor around the house, and I have our outfits and family pictures all lined up. It feels good to have things pretty much ready for baby to come. (I even packed a hospital bag early this time!) Part of me hopes she comes around her due date though; I think I could get burnt out if I go a week over again! The boys are excited to meet their new sister. Carson asks me daily if I've had any contractions. (This is the only pregnancy where I really do have contractions daily that don't seem to be doing anything!) Poor Faye has no idea what's about to rock her world; I have been babying her a little bit I think!

One thing is for sure, I really do love being pregnant, and I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to do this four times. Now we will see how this pregnancy is going to come to an end!!

There is just no hiding that belly button. I was seriously only like 6 weeks pregnant when it popped out.

The neighbor's dogs came out while Rick was taking my picture, so the two dog lovers in the family had to take a look. Which allowed for a great full-on belly shot. :)

Of course Carson ran inside, safe from the puppy.


Jamie Walton said...

You look adorable!

Robyn said...

I was thinking you must be getting pretty close, how exciting!!!! You look super cute and the baby bump doesn't look big enough to be 39 weeks. Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see pictures of your new little one and hear how the birth unfolds.

Melissa S. said...

You really don't look 39 weeks at all, but I'm laughing at ROBYN writing that who has the same issue as you (not showing much!) hahaha.
Each child/labor/pregnancy is different so it's always a fun surprise to guess how it will turn out. Extra freezers are the BEST. I remember thinking that was my favorite "frill" of residency.
I love it when the kids are old enough to talk about contractions and progression w/ baby....it makes them so much more involved. And I BELIEVE it was my 4th pregnancy that was the LAST one I said, "Man, I sure do LOVE being pregnant".....then again, it could've been the 5th, but either way, I'm glad you enjoy it. Have you talked do your doctor about how to avoid Mastitis?!?!? I would hate anyone to see you chatter your lips like I had to at the vday party. That was so sad. Good luck w/ everything Page!!!!!