Tuesday, September 25, 2012

more pictures of baby Isla.

My biggest regret about the exciting delivery of this little girl is that I forgot the camera! Sarah lent me one she had in the car; I wish I would have thrown it at someone when we were rushing into the hospital and demanded that they follow us and take pictures!

So, nothing was really documented until the delivery was all over and we had gotten into an actual hospital room. Here is what we were at least able to get.

Baby girl showing her weight. 
Isla was really blue when she was born. I guess the cord was around her neck a bit, and I didn't know it until later, but they gave her some oxygen right after she was born. She was also blue from just having a bruised little face, and she had a good little cone head for a bit! She must have been hanging out in the birth canal for a while.
There's the cry! She really hasn't cried much since she was born. This looks a lot like a newborn Faye, especially the full mouth and lips. (Except Faye cried a lot more during her first days of life!)
One of the best things about my quick delivery is that I really haven't felt like I'm recovering at all. No tearing, nothing. I didn't even have to have an IV!
This baby definitely has the biggest cheeks of any of our newborns!
This is me, VERY happy to be ordering some food soon after delivery. Giving birth really makes me hungry!
Don't you love the nice pink robe they let you wear at the hospital?
Getting all documented and ready to get a birth certificate.
This is the triage room where Isla was born.
Rick brought the boys over at night the same day their sister was born. They were so cute. But then they got a little crazy, and they had to go home. Here Carson has the bed all the way up.
Close up of sweet baby Isla. (By the way, her name is pronounced "eye-la.")
Wearing the same sleeper Faye first wore when she was born.

The sisters meet! Everyone came to pick us up and take us home. 
Blurry, but I had to show Faye's cute face. (I get so frustrated that half our pictures turn out this way!) Surprisingly, Faye has been nothing but gentle to her baby sister. She can beat up her brothers and makes Everett cry daily, but so far Faye hasn't taken it out on the baby. 
All three kids are really sweet to their littlest sister. We love having her home with us!


Brock and Kate said...

First of all, I am still in awe at her birth story. Sign me up for two pushes and a baby. Second, she really has the sweetest, fattest little cheeks of any newborn ever. So cute. What a beautiful little family!

Melissa S. said...

With your spanish background, I've been telling my kids her name was EEs-la. Whoops. That's what you get for giving birth to her right after you post about a Chilean get together. :)
Even though you didn't get any pics DURING the actual event you got some good ones after!!! Kids and those hospital bed buttons....sheesh.
Now you have to post a picture of Faye w/ that sleeper on on that age too!
Isla has some VERY full and kissable/shapely lips!!!! Better not let the boys know that when she gets older!!!!

Jamie Walton said...

She does look so much like baby Faye! And I loved reading her birth story. Rick basically sounded like a superhero, so I'm sure he liked that. :) I'm so glad you MADE it! Looks like she was well worth the adventure. Congrats to all you six of you Ottos on being together now!

p.s. Gracie told me she wants to see Carson when we move to a new house, so she would like to go to Texas, please. :)

Scott and Lori Smith said...

You were made to have babies!!! Way to go! I remember I was staaaaaarving after I had Addilyn that it almost preoccupied me from holding my baby...Oh the excitement of having kids!

Jen Bowen said...

Congratulations! I can't believe how fast Isla came! I'm so glad things turned out well and that you have a beautiful, healthy baby. In reference to an earlier post,I'm amazed you were able to get so many fun crafty and decorating projects done for your house with 3 kids running around. Good luck with the adjustment to 4!

Emily said...

Isla is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story. You have two boys and two girls now... that seems pretty perfect! Congrats!

sam and brittney said...

Page, you look WAY too good to just have had a baby. I'm terribly jealous! Isla is a doll!