Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mis amigos chilenos!

LOOK what I have in the first picture!! Real Chilean empanadas!! I don't know if you can tell how happy I am, but I seriously cried a little bit when Patricia handed me the plate. And then I cried again during the Chilean national anthem, and while watching the dance la cueca. 

Soon after moving here, someone at church mentioned that there was a family in our congregation from Santiago. So, a couple of weeks ago I tracked Patricia down and introduced myself. Turns out she is from the exact area where I served for the last 9 months of my mission! We became instant friends, and when she invited me to this party for the dieciocho (the Chilean independence day), I could not have been more excited. I miss Chile, and I'm so glad to have found some great Chilean amigos!

I promise my belly is way bigger than this in real life... almost 40 weeks here. SO happy to have empanadas!!
The kids liked them too!

The whole night, Faye kept asking for a "bite, bite."
The holiday is really a celebration of Chilean culture. This brought back so many great memories for me! Viva Chile!!


Lindsey said...

That is so awesome! It made me feel very homesick for Chile!!

Lynnie said...

I would have cried watching the Cueca too. I always did!