Monday, December 3, 2012


The past couple of Halloweens, my favorite thing has been to plan and make costumes for the kids. This October, the boys brought home costumes from a friend's house and announced that we didn't need to make any; they had found the perfect ones to use! I was a little heart broken that they wanted to abandon our plans, but I think I should just be grateful that I didn't stay up all night making costumes while nursing a newborn. :) 

Carson, the pirate, at a friend's Halloween party.
Faye wore the Elmo costume that I made for Everett last year. This girl loves sweets, that is for sure.  If she's in the other room and hears any sort of crinkling sound from where I am, she immediately calls out, "WHAT EATING, MOMMY??"
Isla at the Halloween party. I guess we could call her a mummy? Or baby burrito? What this girl loves is to be wrapped up, real tight.
Halloween bingo.
Picking out pumpkins. (All right, to be honest, we left the 30 dollar pumpkins and went straight to HEB from the patch to buy 4 dollar pumpkins.)
Everett had planned for months to be a pumpkin for Halloween, which I thought was so cute.
And what this boy loves is playing outside. He is just really good at playing.
On Halloween, Isla wore the peacock costume I made for Faye last year.
Everett ended up borrowing a bat costume, which I will admit was very cute. The coziness of the costume would have been great anywhere else, but he was a little hot here! (80 degrees today. In December. Yuck.)
Pirate holds peacock.
Grandma GJ sent us these wonderful stick-ins to make the pumpkins into Mr. Potato Head characters. No carving involved! Perfect!
When we were getting ready to go trick-or-treat, Faye had some sort of major tantrum, and it was decided that she was too tired to go out. So, Pappy, who was visiting at the time stayed home to put her to bed while I went out with the boys. But then Faye realized that she was missing out on some fun, and she decided to come out anyway. So here they come!
Me and my peacock.
We went up and back down a section of our street, and just when I was getting worried they would want to stay out all night and/or cry when I told them no, Carson announced, "I think we should go home." And home we went.
I think she was glad she came!

Isla, trying to be a ghost for Halloween. This happens a lot, actually, when she spits up while lying on her tummy! Poor girl.

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