Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pappy came.

Back during Superstorm Sandy time, Pappy was here for a visit. I had a nice long list of jobs for him to do around the house, and the kids were excited to have Pappy all to themselves.

The most anticipated event with Pappy was the big campout! The boys got to sleep in a tent in the backyard. They made it all night long, and they even slept in! We had to wake them up the next morning to get ready for church.
Faye girl with her hot dog the night of the camp out.
The funny thing was, the night the boys camped out it was actually cold here in San Antonio! The cold obviously doesn't bother Everett.
I did finally put pajamas on him. :)
(And I always tuck his shirt way in on purpose because it's just cute.)
You know they love s'mores!

Pappy spent the majority of a day changing out an old chandelier for a new light fixture that I love! (Will have to take a picture.) He also added extra shelves above our washer and dryer, which provides awesome storage. Thanks to his canceled flight, he was also able to probably safe Faye's life by adding extra bars to the outdoor stair rail going up above the garage. She loves to go up there to look for the neighbors' dogs, but she used to be able to fit her whole body between the rails. Scary! 
He finished up the job in the dark, with some nice little helpers. 
There are so many times when I wish I had my dad close by! We are glad he could come for a few days and hope he comes back soon.

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