Monday, January 4, 2016

August 2015.

Depositing money in their bank accounts! (And getting dum dums.)
Typical summertime breakfast attire.
Also typical.
Rick growing as much facial hair as is physically possible for him!
After multiple mornings when the Taurus wouldn't start, a couple of trips to the automechanic for them to tell him there was nothing wrong with the battery, Rick and a friend replaced the starter themselves. A couple of days later it wouldn't start again, but luckily something just needed to be "tightened," and the Taurus lives on!

Everett is always begging to sell things in front of our house, so I decided the kids could plan and execute a fruit stand this summer. We went downtown to purchase the produce, organized some of it into boxes for our produce co-op, and then the boys purchased the rest of it from me to sell. We had some old pallets lying around that we used to construct a makeshift stand. The kids really helped put together the sign! Then they stayed out there alllll day selling fruits and veggies!

Everyone worked hard to complete their summer goals by the end of August.

Carson memorized all the countries of the world. We had several different ways of learning including an ipad app, a blank dry erase map that he'd try to fill in, a puzzle, etc. He worked continent by continent, and is able to find any country on the map!! It was a tough one for sure. His physical goal was 1,000 baskets again, but this time 200 of them had to be from the 3-point line. He set out to memorize all 25 of the Book of Mormon scripture mastery scriptures, but we modified that goal to writing them all out with NEAT handwriting, which is really, really hard for him. I graded each scripture, and he had to re-write some of them. For his last goal he made a dinner of chicken, rice and broccoli for the family.

Everett learned the 50 states, which wasn't that hard for him. He probably spent the most time in his baseball goal. 500 hits was a lot, especially with a terrible pitcher like me most of the time! He definitely improved over the summer and was hitting them across the yard by the end. For his spiritual goal he read and was able to tell eight different scripture stories including Joseph of Egypt, Jonah, etc. His service goal was going to be to clear all the leaves from the backyard, but it was wayyyy too much. He babysat Isla four times for me instead.

Faye has been my slowest in learning to read, so her goal of being able to read some (really simple) easy readers was a hard one, but she did make some progress. She worked on doing a good cartwheel, and she and I read the entire Jesus Storybook Bible together. (Carson read her a few chapters at the end to help her finish.) She was a mother's helper seven times, which she loved doing! She went to a couple of friends' houses who just have one young baby and helped them entertain the baby, empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, etc. Why is it so much more exciting to do jobs at other people's houses?!

Isla memorized the words to the song, I am a Child of God. She finally got to the point where she can really ride the balance bike! She memorized three short scriptures, and the best one of all is that she learned how to buckle her own car seat!!


Back-to-school night and the first day of school! Carson is in Ms. Schirmer's third grade class, Everett has Mrs. Rector for first grade, and Faye goes to Pre-K with Ms. Bellah each morning. Isla sometimes pretends to get ready for school, but she stays home with me! We love our Scobee students and teachers. A week into school we tried riding bikes and haven't looked back; it's great! We start out all together, with the older three on bikes and me pushing Isla in the stroller. The boys pull ahead pretty quickly, and I jog by Faye. Faye rides the bus home mid-morning from Pre-K, and the boys ride their bikes home all by themselves after their school day. 

Lots of little girl time during the day!
A squirrel instead of the usual baby doll in the moby wrap.
One Sunday we webcammed with Pappy, who happened to be eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich for dessert. The girls demanded the same treat!
Erased this thing to say goodbye to summer!

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