Tuesday, January 5, 2016

September 2015.

After school basketball games. I love looking outside to see this going on! 

 Isla with a couple of friends doing a mini pre school lesson.

Finding toads.

Cute just-turned-three-year-old.

Oh, the games these girls play. Most games involve packing up lots and lots of random things. Sometimes they pack in suitcases, other times purses, plastic baggies, the van... this time it's the stroller. Apparently Faye the jaguar is in charge of this trip; not sure what naked Isla thinks about that.

Four in a tub, ages 3, 4, 6, and 7.

Isla's third birthday! The girls and I indulged in Costco chicken bakes on her special day. Later we invited a couple of friends over for a flamingo-themed birthday party. The cutest three-year-old around!!

Enjoying a really nice day at the YMCA.

 Old Halloween costumes get pulled out quite frequently!

 Faye helping me caulk our updated bathroom.

I wasn't feeling well one day, and after some frustration the kids finally let me rest and made sweet notes for me.

The kids started little tumbling classes at the YMCA. Isla's buns in a leotard needed to be documented.

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brooks said...

The brothers basketball game is the absolute CUTEST!!!!! I seriously love looking out the window and seeing the same thing. It warms MY heart to see your boys doing it!
And thank you so much for the Christmas card!!!! Of course it's super class and perfect. You always have great taste. We didn't get any made this year so do NOT think I left you off my list!!!! HAHA maybe next year I'll feel like me again and have one done! :)