Sunday, January 17, 2016

November 2015.

Fun times at home in November. Isla really loves to paint!

Finding creative ways to eat their butternut squash soup

Everett's grade dressed up in 50s attire for the 50th day of school.

Finally finished re-doing the bathroom!

When Rick works on Sundays, I really appreciate when the kids play nicely and let me get everything ready for church! We had our thankful tree up in November, and each night added a paper ornament that said something we were each grateful for. This is typical for a Sunday morning: Carson immediately gets dressed in a nice church shirt and pants. Everett stays in pajamas as long as possible. And the girls are wearing leotards.

Another Sunday when dad was home!

One day I had signed up to volunteer at the school right during the girls' nap time. They were excited to take a nap on location, and I am so grateful for them!

Carson's 8th birthday! We brought turkey rice krispy treats to his class at school.

His Heroes of Olympus books had just come in to the library, so for most of his birthday he was delving into those!

All Carson wanted for his birthday party was to have a bunch of boys over to play basketball, football and soccer. Pretty easy party to plan! We came up with some fun snacks for the boys as well. Rick was amazing at the party, starting the boys off with a get-to-know you game and leading them through each of the sports. Birthday boy chose root beer floats instead of cake.

Found this note taped to Carson's door from his sweet brother.

Carson's big present was tickets to a Spur's game! He got to go with his dad and two grandpas.

More proof he's a good husband: I had searched the entire house to find the packaging to return my phone (which I was already really frustrated with, since it was a brand new phone that would randomly stop working!) and couldn't find it. Rick to the rescue! He totally found it at the bottom of the garbage can. And there was some yucky stuff in there!

Making candy turkeys.
Here come Grandmama and Pappy! Both sets of grandparents flew in to be a part of Carson's baptism. We were so happy to have them!!

Lots of pictures on the camera taken by Faye. Fun to see what life looks like from their viewpoint.

Lots of great moments with the grandparents.

Grandma GJ was so kind to get Carson looking sharp in a new suit.

On Thanksgiving morning my parents, Grandpa Sam and I ran a 5K, and the boys got to do a kids' half mile race. Carson ran his heart out and was the third kid!

Thanksgiving dinner prep!

Carson turning eight meant he could be baptized into our church. I really admire Carson's obedience and thirst for knowledge. He definitely understands the commitment he made to follow Jesus Christ. We are so grateful to everyone who made the time to come celebrate his special day with us.

Before Grandma GJ and Grandpa Sam left, we exchanged Christmas gifts! We each decorated a plate and also chose one of our favorite foods to share with them.

Finally, the thankful tree became a Christmas tree!

 Fall baseball at the YMCA.

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hughesfamily said...

Your kids are seriously the cutest.

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