Thursday, December 1, 2016

August 2016.

Summer ends and the school year begins!

Monday evenings are spent at the Y, where I teach insanity and Faye has a tumbling class. The boys often play "ga-ga ball" in the kids' club. This time when I went to pick them up, they were the last two in the game!

Play date at our house with lots of friends!

We try to work hard summer mornings with workbooks, piano, goals, etc.

The boys thought I was so weird/funny for freaking out about seeing a rainbow one night.

This girl worked her way to being able to bike to and from the pool by herself! First summer here I haven't pushed a stroller to the pool.

August 14th. We often laugh at Isla's resemblance to a monkey; she displays it nicely here.

On my way to a PTA meeting, just thought it was cute how they all came out to wave and chase the van. (Also is Isla naked??)

Glad one of us is nice to the bunny. Rick was working on a paper.

Before Faye started Kindergarten, I wanted to practice some fun hairstyles on her. I found a couple of Instagram accounts that give really good ideas and tutorials. She obviously is a careful critic of my work.
End of summer party to celebrate the completion of summer goals! Carson passed over 75 "Think Through Math" lessons on the computer and also got through a good part of a Saxon 7th grade math textbook. He completed 6 hours of basketball handling drills, read too many books to count, and read the first four books of the New Testament. Everett read 75 books, completed Khan Academy's early math, made 700 baskets on the backyard hoop, swam 9 laps without stopping, and memorized 10 Articles of Faith. (As usual, he had to adjust his goals because he starts with things like reading 500 books and making 5,000 baskets.)  Faye was able to read all of her level 1 story books, memorized all 50 states, learned to do a bridge kickover with her feet starting on the couch, could swim all the way across the pool, memorized some Primary songs, and learned to make quesadillas. Isla memorized 25 of the 50 states, learned to ride her bike to the pool, swim under the water, memorized some Primary songs, and learned to make quesadillas.

August 21.

First day of school!! Fourth grade, second grade, and kindergarten. Everyone has great teachers and is happy to be going!
Second day of school!

Isla and I spent most Tuesday mornings going downtown to get produce for our co-op. We sometimes put pennies on the nearby train tracks, and here we got lucky and got to see the train go by!

I spy Isla at Costco.

Isla and I have lots of one-on-one time this year!

Back to school barbeque with the PTA board.

August 28th

Isla started a little preschool at the YMCA!

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