Tuesday, December 6, 2016

September 2016.

 Checking out the new exercise equipment on the trail behind our house.

Our friends brought their bunny, Jessica over for a date with John. We were hoping that maybe there would be baby bunnies in their future, but things did not quite go as planned. Jessica also sadly passed away the next week due to their family getting a dog... poor Jessica... and John.

 At the wedding of one of Rick's friends and co-workers. Texas can be pretty!

I changed my schedule so I don't teach any classes one morning a week when Isla is in school. I love having a couple of hours to myself! The first week, I went for a nice long run, took an almost-as-long shower, and drank my smoothie straight from the jar. Also, this is my ponytail after a run in Texas humidity. A total rat's nest. Thank you to my running buddy for suggesting I wear a braid instead!

 September 4.


Labor Day: we took a day trip to the beach! Mustang Island is perfection. We went with our friends the Allens and had a great day!

 They love catching tiny frogs!

 This is how Carson and his buddy Clark play.

 Everett's hobbies...maybe he was born to the wrong mother, because I don't know a thing about 1 through 4.

New fridge switchover! We have not had a functioning ice maker and water dispenser during our almost 10 years of marriage. It feels like a luxury to us!

 Fall baseball.

 September 11.

Family nights are the best when Faye is conducting or giving the lesson. That girl knows how to command a class. Here she is teaching about the miracle of the bread and fishes.

Fancy girl getting ready.

Daddy-daughter drawing session.

The fourth grade makes ice cream for an experiment. Isla's job was to hand out the cups.

 One morning, Isla and I took the kids to school and then stayed there for about 45 minutes making copies for a teacher. We ran home to grab something and then I had a class to teach and she had preschool. When I ran in the house, there was smoke all over and the alarms were going off! I ran all around and could not find the source of the smoke. I called the fire department, and after putting a hole in the wall because they thought it was an electrical fire, it turned out to be the toaster! So weird! I had used it that morning and left it plugged in, but that was it. Very glad I stopped by home instead of going straight to the Y! There was a smoky smell for a while throughout the house, but after some deep cleaning and airing things out, it's gone.

If there is a Groupon for Pump it Up, we go on early release days! I was trying to show Faye's awesome waves.

That day we went to a nearby park for a few minutes after Pump it Up. I thought it was funny all the kids ended up standing on a jump at the skate park while a teenage kid showed them tricks.
Car wash with friends. Then, Carson ran into the grocery store for us to get popsicles: a must when it's still 95 degrees!

Remembering their "baby burrito" days. (Everyone loved a tight swaddle as newborns with the exception of Faye. A free spirit from day one.)

September 18th.

Faye ran into the kitchen and hid behind the island. I asked her what game they were playing, and in a frantic whisper she replied, "It's not a game. They're actually trying to hurt me!"

The 18th of September means one thing to me: Chilean Independence Day! Empanadas are a must.

Isla turned four! She had some very cute requests for her birthday: a helium balloon, to eat a school lunch at the big kids' school, no party, but to go to Cici's Pizza for dinner. We did end up inviting three of her friends to go to Cici's with us. When we got home, Rick felt badly that she didn't have candles to blow out at dinner, so he put some in a piece of bread. She is easy to please!

Baseball fans. They sometimes bring interesting things to the game: Faye has a Sports Illustrated in her bucket, and Isla has tights and a jacket, among other things. (It was 90 degrees.)

September 25th.

 Birthday package from Grandma GJ.

An evening walk with the deer.

Structures projects for GT. I was nervous we were going to hit a bump and that Everett's field would go flying, but it arrived safely! Carson's is Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

My four-year-old, showing off her planking and writing skills.

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