Friday, December 30, 2016

October 2016.

We brought our TV down to watch a few games. Rick wonders if he'll ever be able to watch football without finding a sweet spot for the antenna.
A friend's Pokemon birthday party at the neighborhood pavilion.
Rick's sister Suzette's husband Greg passed away suddenly. This is when we told the boys.
Conference day breakfast. Sausage and mango are both special treats! And then a conference day walk.

National night out: I was in line for food for the entire party, and here the girls ride the train.

Everett had the class monkey for the weekend. We took him to Taco Cabana and baseball.

Sunday, October 9.

I am the arts in education chair at the school and put on an "Explore the Arts" night where students could learn about and practice literature, music composition, dance choreography, film production, photography, and visual arts.

Our kids' reactions to a Halloween store were hilarious. Everyone is very cautious and keeps their distances!

I love when the girls get involved in some great imaginary play. Here they just moved into their newly decorated "house."

Sunday, October 16th.

Our decorated child for child abuse awareness.

Isla loves her mama. And Target.

Probably our last Scobee Family Dance night! The kids' choreographed dances were so cute, and the families joining in for a few songs is always fun as well. Faye was so proud to finally be a big kindergartener joining in. Carson has such a great group of friends. Everett cracked me up with his too-cool attitude during some of the dances. Sad to think we won't do this again!

Everett receiving a character award. Faye got one for responsibility the previous month, and I can't remember Everett's value! Maybe respect?

Sometimes after I teach an early evening class at the Y, we run over to the park for a bit.

Rick went to Minnesota to take a course, and on the way home he used up his food allowance to bring me the best dinner of my life!

Sunday, October 23. Notice Carson's (accidental) poke to Faye's eye, and the reaction. Also Everett is holding a tiny toy frog and finally puts it on Isla's head.

This is how Texans carve Halloween pumpkins. Faye ran and got dressed to take a special picture with her pumpkin so she could email it to her teacher.

After a string of first trimester miscarriages, we finally got to hear a heartbeat of this baby.

The boys took photographs of frogs and lizards for the Reflections contest.

Pappy's visit! He specifically came to watch the boys play Little League baseball and also went in to each of the boys' GT classes to do a presentation on structures. We took him to eat fajitas at Pappasito's. He came to Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. He set up a target for Everett's bow and arrow practice. He also helped everyone fish at the pond by our house. It's always hard to say goodbye!
The Franciscos put on the best Halloween party every year!

Pappy took the boys down to fish early one Saturday morning. Cute Everett labeled and packed snacks. After an hour or so I brought the girls down and took the boys back home to get ready for their baseball game. At this point the boys had had fun but had only caught a couple of tiny fish. Pappy gave the girls a quick lesson. While he was helping Faye get set up, Isla reeled herself in the biggest catch of the day!

This was a great year for costumes!! 
Carson: Harry Potter was an obvious choice for the kid who just read the eighth book in a day. Had to buy the tie and glasses, but I had yards of black felt already! I sewed BOTH sleeves on inside out and had to re-do them. Carson can't wait to get a hair cut; he had let it grow to look more like Harry.
Faye: We've been reading Pippi Longstocking, and Faye quickly realized that, "I have an attitude like her!" We found the jumper at a thrift store and added patches and lots of stripes. Faye's braids with wire were the coolest!
Everett: This one is hard to please, but he approved of his costume! I just happened to have two yards of yellow fleece in my monstrous fabric stash and leftover foam from various headboard projects, so the costume was also basically free! I just copied an existing hoodie for the top and added stripes. Ears are hot glued to a headband attached to the hood. Also the first and probably last time I will google "how to sew drop crotch pants." Foam tail supported by a paint stirrer and sewn on by hand with a huge needle. 👍
Isla: Oh my sweet! We got the Madeline book on CD from the library a while ago, and Isla about wore it out. She also claims she can speak some French. Very proud of myself for lining this dress because I usually cut all corners!! Spray painted a pink hat we had and added ribbon. 😘

Sunday, October 30th.

Each kid had a special day to leave school early and spend some one-on- one time with Pappy. Carson got frozen yogurt and talked Pappy's ear off about the lstest book series he's reading (39 Clues). Everett had to be talked down from his idea of building a boat and going fishing. He and Pappy took his bow and arrow out and went "hunting." And Miss Faye just wanted to draw with him. Isla had lots of time to play games and get zoomed around Lowe's with her Pappy in the mornings. ☺
Happy Halloween!

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