Thursday, February 5, 2009

All in a day's work.

He's had a busy day.
Walking around in costume, making sure to press the button on his belt every few seconds so we can hear Bob the Builder's theme song.

Ok, no more hat.

Diving into the dryer to retrieve lost socks.
Oops, forgot some snaps.

Emptying the bottom shelf.
Thanks, I needed to clean that anyway.

Making sure to get every last crumb out.
Brushing mom's teeth.
Almost locking the bathroom door.
Airing out.


mackenzie said...

haha. cute pictures.

MAD K said...

he is busy..... cute...

JenSwen said...

Great pictures! I love the toothbrushing one - do you have some cute new bangs?? Let's see a picture!

Of course the bum shot is priceless.

Meg said...

What a tough life being that adorable and hard-working... sigh.

JS Fight said...

Some angles are hard to pull off, even for the cutest of folks!

Laney said...

Henry is a whopping 23 pounds and counting. He is really heavy to carry around all day. He spends much of his day bouncing from the door frame in his bouncy thing.

Barbaloot said...

Looks like quite the hard worker. You've trained him well:)