Monday, February 2, 2009

today's to-do's

Carson's response to "where is it???"
  • vacuum entire house (check.)
  • laundry (in the dryer.)
  • get an oil change (dreading.)
  • call maintenance to fix our dishwasher (check... PLEEEEASE come soon!)
  • groceries (Harris Teeter sales or Aldi? TBD.)
  • finish organizing all the boys' clothing (almost done.)
  • go walking/jogging (perhaps lumbering would be a better word in my case.)
  • locate the LOST bin of NEWBORN clothing (AHHHHH!! Seems impossible, but hopefully it pops up...either that or this baby better be born fitting into the 3 month size.)
  • play with Carson (easy!)

1 comment:

Salem said...

I LOVE Aldi!!! And I love that picture of Carson...too cute...