Saturday, February 14, 2009

To P-A-G-E

For my debut in the blogging world I would like to pay tribute to my wonderful wife Page. On our nation's sappiest holiday I will try and stay away from the sap and stick to what makes Page a great wife.

P- is for Permission to live my dreams. In fall 2007 when we were given the opportunity to go to Cambodia I thought Page would say of course we can't take a 5 month old to Cambodia for the summer. I was blown away when she said yes. We survived the crazy traffic, malevolent mosquitoes, and Page and Carson learned that Uncle Ben's isn't even real rice. (One day we will go to Chile)

A- is for Acquiescent (I hope this word has good connotations). The first time I first laid eyes on Page she was basking in a beam of sunlight studying in the Eyring science center at BYU. Ok, it might not have been that magical at first, but over the next month I came to school every morning to see her in the same spot studying away. We studied together every day, and I quickly realized she was a smart cookie. I have never met someone who studies as hard as she does. After physics and two semesters of Organic Chemistry I scored higher than her on just one test. She would have been a shoe-in for the medical school of her choice. Yet, she has made the sacrifice to let me go to school while she uses her brains to raise our wonderful children.

You can tell I look a little tired in this picture. She always helps me do better than my best.

G- is for Genius. Page has an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work ( Since we have been married I have been amazed by Page's ability to take a few pieces of paper, a glue stick, and scissors and create things that have beautified our home. Her creative work never fails to bring out oohs and ahhs from our visitors.

E- is for Eatery. Page has devoted a part of her life to keeping Carson and I alive (I am glad he survived the okra) and healthy. Most mornings of the week I can get up, start studying and have eggs, toast, cereal, and fruit before I am off to school. While I am eating my breakfast, Page prepares my lunch which is usually the delicious leftovers we had from the night before. If it weren't for page's culinary skill I would be Raman man like many of my other medical school colleagues.

I hope that one day I can do as much for her as she does for me. I love you Page.


JenSwen said...

So sweet, and so true. I agree - Page is a great wife!

Meg said...

What a sweet tribute!

Melissa said...

So she demands better then just "do your best" huh? :) Page, I was wishing your name was longer so he could go on more. Hope you have a copy of that for your journal! Very sweet.
(However, I'm STILL thinking he should've taken a picture of your fruit pizza that LOOKS and TASTES incredible)

davidandsuzi said...

Awww, how sweet Rick. What a great first post!!

Page said...

Thanks, sweetie.

What a neat looking heart.