Wednesday, May 13, 2009

His Favorite Place to Sit.

This green bouncy chair is the current favorite. He can be nice and close to baby brother.

He can even read him books!

Or, he can get a little wild and play in the green chair himself.

Sometimes Everett even gets a bouncy ride.

Different day, same spot of course.

We three spend a lot of time in very close proximity to each other.


Marge said...

Hopefully this won't sound too bad but I looked at the last picture of you and the boys really fast and at first glance I was like what happened to Page's chest - one boob is bigger then the other!!

Barbaloot said...

So cute seeing how close Carson likes to be to his brother. Sometimes it freaks me out to see my nieces and nephews maul their younger siblings with love...but it's nice to know they like them, too:)