Friday, May 15, 2009

Smarty Pants.

This post is me shamelessly bragging. I think Carson is super smart. His memory amazes me. I'll read him a book once, and then a week later I'll open it up and he can identify random things in the book, like some rare animals in our Mammals book.

I started to put together a video with all the clips of him identifying letters, shapes, animals, etc., but the thing turned out to be like 30 minutes long. I'll spare our blog that one and save it for the grandparents only. Here is our little smarty pants with just some of his letters:


Melissa said...

Seriously, you have EVERY reason to brag on that one! What a little smarty pants, REALLY! With letters?!?! That's impressive. It sounds like he's well on his way to knowing the sounds to those letters when you say them to him too!
PS- hope you all didn't get rained out at the game

sam and brittney said...

He is a SMARTY PANTS!!! He honestly knows more letters than some of my Kindergarteners. He must take after his mom!!

Marge said...

Page you are doing such a GREAT job as a mother, and even better as a mother of two. I will TRY to follow in your footsteps. Its funny how they remember things, even with you think they aren't paying attention at all.

The Ward's said...

Page, that is amazing! I would brag abou that for sure! What a cute, smart little guy. I would have to say what a great mom too becasue he didn't learn that by himself.