Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We raced for HER cure.

We like Jeanel.

We'd also like her to be cancer free, chemo free, and in perfect health. We pray for this daily. There's not much else you can do when you live 2,000 miles away.

As soon as we heard about the Race for the Cure here, we joined a team and were excited to be able to do something else to recognize Jeanel and the battle she's fighting. (Thanks to Sara and the Better Halves group, especially for sponsoring Jeanel's tulip!)


These girls (and babies) all participated in the race, some thinking about their own family members who have had breast cancer.


Our family photo at the race.
Sara is included in our "family" as Everett's surrogate mother, while the real mother gets to actually RUN the race!*


*Rick and I are very similar when it comes to physical competitions. We both said we were going to walk the 5k or just take it easy, but I think in the back of our minds we were both determined to run it as fast as we could. So, as soon as the race started, I told Rick to go ahead and not worry about staying with me. I'd push Carson (baby plus stroller = 40 pounds) and let him run his heart out. He ran the fastest 5K he's ever run, 21 minutes, mentally running hard for Jeanel. I reached my goal of doing it in under 30 minutes; not bad for 4 weeks postpartum pushing that stroller!

Our family plans on doing the Race for the Cure for many years to come; it was a great experience for us! Thanks, Jeanel, for being our inspiration in many ways.


Debbie and Matt said...

you guys are so wonderful! we will keep her in our prayers!

mackenzie said...

30 minutes with a stroller?? the other day i ran my fastest 5k, and it was 28 minutes. you are amazing.

Lynnie said...

Wow. Seriously Page. You're out of control. Thanks so much for posting this. My program has a team for the run here in June and I was debating whether I could afford the registration fee, but I just signed up. Inspiring.

Meg said...

You are awesome! Sub 30 with a stroller, post partum? Yup, you're my hero. Go girl, go.

rachel said...

I just found your blog. Way cute. Way to go on the race you are amazing.

sam and brittney said...

In the last couple of posts I can't see your pics!!! WHY??! If i click on the pic it goes to some flickr yahoo thing. help!

Marge said...

So awesome! Everyone keeps giving me a hard time about wanting to exercise - shh don't tell, I'm doing it anyway. And yours is for such a good cause!!

Salem said...

That is so awesome!!! Way to go!!!

JS Fight said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate you not only participating in the race, but giving it your all. I'm looking forward to the race here in SLC with the rest of the family and some co-workers. Although this year will require some use of a wheelchair and a big pink hat to protect my balding head, I pray I can participate in this race for many YEARS to come. Love to you all! See you soon!