Thursday, May 21, 2009

party animal.

This kid got his first invitation to a friend's birthday party.


If the party's even half as fun as the invitation, we'll have a great time tomorrow.



Melissa said...

Oh no.....they start and then they never stop! :)

Meg said...

My favorite part of this post? The doggy purse he's rocking. Fashion all star at an young age!

Marge said...

holy cow already. that seems a bit early but what do I know. maybe Elizabeth just doesn't have friends. we just had a big group party for her inviting family/friends and their kids. no friend parties yet. scary. hope he enjoys it - he looks super excited

Emily Evans said...

So fun! Sadie played with her invitation all week, and then was sick and didn't get to go :(

Salem said...

Remember playing tennis at the Smith Fieldhouse??!! I really think I am WAY worse we definitely need a rematch to get me back into the game!!! Beach, maybe??!!