Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Weekend.

This boy is TWO!!

And we had quite a busy weekend. I have been so excited about nap time today just so I could have a little down time!!

The weekend's events went something like this: Friday: FREE day at the Children's museum (what a fun place!!), ran errands to get ready for Carson's super last-minute little birthday party, planned our training run and stashed the water, made Carson's cake and party food (I have NO expertise on cake decorating, but decided to make a HELICOPTER cake. Oops.) Saturday: Ran 20 MILES, threw Carson his party, then spent the evening making three different kids of soup. Did I mention I ran 20 miles??????? Sunday: church all morning, then spent the afternoon re-arranging the house (multiple times) to accommodate 10 guests for dinner, hosted a wonderful dinner group full of delightful guests including some elderly ladies in our church (where we served all that soup), then Rick sang in a musical event at the church later that evening.

The evidence, in pictures:

(Except we didn't get pictures of yesterday's dinner group. I was so proud of those soups, and I totally should have taken a picture of the spread!! And no pictures of the 20 mile run either, although Salem Lake was so beautiful!!)

At the Children's museum, cooking up something yummy.

Ok, at the museum, Carson found this nursing pillow and took quite a while to sit and arrange himself with it around him. Once he got all situated, he looked at me and said, "I need Everett." Yep, after I handed Everett over, Carson lifted up his shirt to "give mommy milk." This should be embarrassing in a few years!!

Eating a free donut after "working" at the Krispy Kreme factory.

More fun at the museum.

This is my "wait, WHY am I making a cake into the shape of a helicopter???" look. And, after examining this picture, I think I need a major hair cut.

We had a little story and singing time featuring helicopters. (In case you're worried about Everett's face plant in the above picture, see the next one for the recovery.)

Still can't believe these presents are all for him!!

A rousing game of "ring-around-the rosy." (Like the propellers on the helicopter go around and around, get it??)

The yummies. (Note: everything but the cake has a fruit or vegetable in it!! Zucchini muffins, pumpkin cookies, and apples with dip. Keeping your children healthy!)

Ok, now that I've done fondant once, I'm sure I could make a good looking cake with it. This was my first attempt, and it is quite lumpy. But I'm excited to try fondant again.

We had to do some convincing to get him away from his new books to come eat cake.

Carson is such a big boy, and we loved celebrating him and his birthday!!

What??? Nap time is already over??? There goes my break...


MAD K said...

i love the cake

JS Fight said...

Wow! Quite the cake!! You for sure have to make cupcakes with Suzette and me over Christmas break... tons of fun and good eats too.
Happy Birthday to Carson!! I have to get his present in the mail. Also, I recently found a coat or two, do you need one?
Love you!

Jewels said...

wow! what an event! ;) Nice cake. I just made Aiden's birthday cake. Batman - I'm glad he went simple, he must know my limits. :)

Playful Professional said...

Why the heck are you running 20 miles? Are you running a marathon or just felt like getting out and running 20 miles for no reason at all?

Marge said...

two really, that's not possible. awesome party, cake looks great.

Melissa S. said...

That cake is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressive!!!!! I was just thinking of your running schedule and on the DAY of the marathon you have to run back and be a holy family THAT NIGHT! Holy cow!

Meg said...

I am not sure what I am more impressed by: the cake or the running. Both are WOW. You are such a rock-star woman, mom and wife!!!

Anonymous said...

Your cake is really cute!i can't belive you ran 20 miles

Anonymous said...

My comment is on top Sadie

Barbaloot said...

Just played catch-up on your blog. Looks like life is fun/busy:) And a helicopter cake? I think I'll commision you for my next party, okay?

sam and brittney said...

PAGE!! WOW!! You are soo impressive! I can't believe you did all that cooking, running, and you made that cake! I feel proud of myself if I shower during the day. When is your marathon? By the way, you look really pretty. Carson can't be two. I remember visiting him when he was such a little baby!