Thursday, November 12, 2009

He's taking a sick day.

That nose hasn't stopped running for four days straight.
He must be feeling a little better, though, because just now when I went in his room to tell him to please lay down and take his nap instead of running around his crib yelling, "What's goin' on!! What's goin' on!!" he looked at me, said, "I do Hokey Pokey!" and started spinning around and around.

This little thing has a slight runny nose as well, but he is still my happy boy!
And he still spits up! (For once, on himself instead of on me.)

I am reminded that I think the WORST part about motherhood is having sick children!!! Especially children who, when they are sick, cry and whine allllllll dayyyyy looooong. I'll just hope this really is the end of it!


Scott said...

Oh the whining, the endless whining!

HATE that.

Carson sounds like he's being pretty cute though. At least he's doing fun stuff in his bed, if not sleeping.

JenSwen said...

Oops, that was me. Scott's not usually around to hear the whining anyway. :)

MAD K said...

i hope the boys can feel better soon, having sick kid is not fun... sometimes i rather be the one who is sick....