Friday, November 6, 2009

This sweet little thing


turned 7 months old yesterday.

is always looking for something to suck. He will even suck on your face if you're not careful.

giggles and giggles when tickled.

is on a wonderfully predictable 2-naps-a-day schedule now. (I loathe the third nap.)

does not roll. Big brother had been rolling all around for months at this age! This baby just lays there, content to watch everyone else. I know he can roll, and he has done it both ways, he just chooses not to!

does bounce up and down on his bum, sometimes resulting in a face plant.

is seriously so sweet that if all babies were like this, I would have a dozen more.

has an intense love for Cheerios, and is surprisingly good at self-feeding.

was my perfect 12-hours-a-night sleeper, until a few weeks ago when he decided he needed an occasional midnight snack. I think we've found the solution, though, (which was actually my fault...long story...) and he's back in business for the most part.

endures LOTS of mauling by big brother.

can shoot out quantities of spit-up that you wouldn't believe. This creates lots of laundry and mopping.

looks identical to the baby pictures of his mother.

loves to suck his thumb. This makes him an extremely good at self-soothing. I can count on one hand the number of times he has truly cried hard, because he nearly always just sticks his thumb in his mouth instead of crying. I'll worry about weaning him later; this is great!!

is soooo snuggly and cuddly. Oh, how we love him!!

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Melissa S. said...

Just make sure he DOESN'T suck on your face..........those marks are HARD to get rid of! :)