Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thumb out; food in.

I didn't really take videos of Everett's first feedings, so I wanted to get one now, especially to show how he sucks his thumb between bites. He happily eats all of my home-made baby food so far.

I have also been trying to get videos of Carson's sweet voice and the way he sometimes makes one-syllable words into two, but he just goes on silent mode whenever he knows I am taping him! I love that he is such a good talker, especially when he asks me questions, "Where'd dat come from??" and "What's dat fo-wah?" and when he brings things up that happened weeks ago, like, "We forgot to see cows!!" (when we went to a farm a while back), and "I remember Marshall!" (a friend who stayed with us for a night.)

So, this is a recent video. It's quite long and won't be interesting to most, but be sure to watch the middle where Carson sings (says) some of a song about being a missionary. And excuse my embarrassing mommy tone telling him to stop touching the camera!


Erika said...

I'm always amazed at what good memories children have! They can remember EVERYTHING! Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad...Ü

Salem said...

So cute!!! It really is the best when they start talking and communicating--for real. It is AMAZING what their little brains remember. And I cannot wait for Ellery to start eating! I love that...feel free to pass on any good homemade babyfood tips. :)

sam and brittney said...

Everett sure does love this thumb!! The video is too cute. Carson is such a good talker!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet boys! THANK YOU for keeping your blog up to date. The boys love checking up on their cousins.
Love to everyone,
The Stanleys