Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Birthday Boy and His Look-Alike.


Don't their faces just look identical? Rick had light hair as a boy, for the record.

Rick finally caught up to me and turned 26 last month.

Those muffins were a delicious cupcake substitute. Not too much healthier, I'm afraid, but you can significantly reduce the sugar and do the old applesauce for oil substitute. And wheat flour, of course.


Marge said...

very cute - and the little one's not too bad either...thanks for sharing all of your fun

Erika said...

Ok, I just went and printed the recipe! Sounds so good. Thanks.

The Hills... said...

Happy Birthday! The certainly do look alike!

Keegan and Joy Dodson said...

What beautiful boys and a beautiful family! Best of luck during this busy time for your husband.