Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This kid makes life fun.


I mean, I could stay at my computer all day working and making money, or I could have this cute little boy coming over every few minutes to take my hand and say things like, "Mom, wanna come play in my hamster house?" (We do not have a hamster. He is being a hamster in a house made out of pillows.) Somehow everything he says is funny and super cute, mostly due to his little lisp. That lisp made it extra funny the other morning when he told me, "I slipped out of my crib like a hippopotamus." This kid is my favorite person to talk to!


brooks said...

HA! Because hippos ARE pretty slippery and I can see how one could just slip out of a crib! Too funny.

w and w said...

That's awesome. I need to talk to him more often. Annie does entertain me her thoughts, but with an imagination like that we'd both be pretty entertained!