Sunday, May 29, 2011

Faye at four months.

She's at that age where she'll grab anything she can get her hands on and quickly stuff it in her mouth. She was particularly excited about the Joann Fabrics ad yesterday. Our Faye-girl has been rolling from tummy to back since she was teeny tiny (just like Carson!) and seems like she's wanting to roll the other way pretty soon too.
She is a good little laugher. We can really get her going when we play Duck-Duck-Goose all together.
She's still a super sleeper; I feel like I never had to feed her at night! I am still resisting moving her to her own bedroom. She sleeps right by our bed, and I love looking at her at night and in the early morning. It's funny; with the boys I was ready to get them out of our room much earlier than this, but she doesn't bother us and we don't bother her and I like having her close. She sleeps on her tummy and likes her pacifier to go to sleep.
Faye can produce quantities of spit up that you wouldn't believe. I often am walking somewhere in the house holding her to hear a loud splatter behind me on the wood floors. She sometimes spits up all over her brothers, and they think it's hilarious.
Faye is such a sweet and happy baby. She is at the perfect age where she's full of smiles and laughs but can't yet move around to get into trouble! I got to hold her all during church today and was in heaven sitting in Relief Society while she played and then slept on my lap. We can't imagine life without our sweet Faye-girl!

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Melissa S. said...

She likes that JoAnn fabric ad just like her mother! ;)
Cute pictures!