Sunday, May 8, 2011

The sisters' visit.

My two big sisters came down for a fun visit a couple of weeks ago: Ashley from Boston and Reagan plus three girls from VA. It was a full house here and we all played hard!

The Moravian cookie factory tour was one fun activity. These ladies make and cut out each cookie by hand, which I found pretty interesting.
Let's be honest though; the tour got a little lengthy for these kids. At the end of each section of the tour, there was a nice cookie sample, so at least we all made it through. And Adriel kept it lively with some interesting,off-topic questions.
And here we are at the much-anticipated Lazy 5 Ranch. Carson was so excited to go here, where you take a wagon ride to see and feed zebras, giraffes, etc. etc. But of course he freaked out when we actually got there. Notice there are no pictures of my cautious boys feeding or touching any animals, but we did make it through, and they still talk about it and often pretend to be emus and water buffaloes.
That is a crazy tongue!
These emus were all over the place. They were Carson's favorite (from a distance, or course), and now he likes to eat his food like one.
Go Adriel!
Here are the cute kids, minus Faye.
These boys could have stood here and watched the fish for a long time. Fish are nice and non threatening!
We love cousins!

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