Monday, May 23, 2011

Today was nice.

We spent our final morning with Grandpa Sam, visiting from Utah. Our weekend sure was fun and full and productive with him around! We got all dolled up for church, which included lots of ruffles and tulle on Miss Faye. Dressing this little thing is just too much fun! Sacrament meeting was wonderfully uplifting, and then I got to sit by and hold hands with my husband during another meeting. (This never happens!) I finally learned a thing or two about this new fangled computer. The Mac and I just stared at each other for a few days before I dared touch her. We ate watermelon on the porch. Carson worked very hard on a couple of thank-you cards and delivered one to a neighbor. (He is very into playing mailman these days.) Everett entertained us all with his nonsense answers to questions and random bursts of laughter. Faye proved that she can wake herself early out of every nap in one day by rolling over. She also spent her first moments in an exersaucer. (Maybe she finally has a place to play where boys won't be spontaneously starting wrestling matches with her.) We finished making Carson's new twin bed. We traded out an infant car seat for a new booster seat. (And our 12-year-old Taurus continues to amaze us by fitting our three kids in the back seat.) We enjoyed our children. Sundays are just great days!


Salem said...

I wore that SAME dress to church yesterday!

JenSwen said...

Where did you get your dress and sweater?? They are too cute!

Jamie said...

We totally watched you taking that last picture! (Oh wait is that creepy?)