Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meeting General Washington.

While Grandpa Sam was in town for the weekend, we headed over to Old Salem. The historic site is only a couple of miles from our home, so we thought it would be nice to spend the morning walking around and having lunch there. Well it turned out to be our lucky day, because George Washington just happened to have the same idea! We listened to him give a speech and then answer questions from the audience. He was great!

The boys helped put out a little fire while we were there by passing water buckets down the line.

 Then these two gentlemen (above) were well-behaved enough to allow us to enjoy a delicious Moravian lunch at a perfectly lovely little restaurant (below). 

And I got to dine with this pretty little thing sleeping on my chest. She doesn't fall asleep on me very often anymore, so this is a real treat!

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Meg said...

Carson and Everett are looking so much a like these days! It's amazing how grown up they look next to Faye now. And she is cute as can be... Love seeing the pictures of her as she grows too.