Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easter festivities.

Our Easter tree. The tiny ornaments reminded me of Gram. I was surprised by how much the boys loved putting together and admiring this little tree. Maybe next year we can expand this to more of a tradition, like everyone puts together their own trees, or by hanging some meaningful little ornaments.
Dyeing Easter eggs.
Faye was feeding Isla during some of the egg decorating.
We went to the egg hunt put on by the YMCA.
Getting ready for the 2 to 3-year-old heat.
And the 5 to 6-year-olds are over here. (Yes, we have adopted another child. She's our cute next-door neighbor, an only child who has a lot more fun at our house than by herself at hers!)
Tell us all about it, Faye.
Looking around for eggs.
I loved it that they filled the eggs with a lot of non-candy items. But maybe it was a little excessive... poor Carson got ALL erasers in his eggs; no candy at all!
And then there were free hot dogs and chips, so we can't complain.
The girl modeling her dress during a fitting.
My friend Jodi put on a really fun Easter party and egg hunt at a park. Isla chewed on grass most of the time.
And was pretty happy about it!
Carson won one of the games.
Lined up youngest to oldest, ready to go egg hunting.
I think most of the other kids had moved on by now, but mine were fixated on unwrapping and consuming some good old sugar. Finally, they got their treats!

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Melissa S. said...

I just love how your house feels so clean and crisp. Like on that easter egg tree part the background/carpet is so welcoming and.........well clean and crisp. You've got such an eye for things like that. In a few years I need you to do my house. ;)