Saturday, April 27, 2013

Visitors from the West.

I used to sort of lament the fact that my kids only have one cousin close to their age on Rick's side. (His siblings had actually all finished having kids before we even started.) But, after a wonderful visit from these Utah cousins, I've realized that the age gap doesn't really matter: cousins are just fun! And it was really nice to have all these good, older-cousin examples around, whom my kids just adored. We are so glad the Greer family came to visit!!

The boys' dream would be for cousin Wilson to move in with us! (NO we did not get a TV. We just moved our computer monitor into the family room to watch LDS General Conference. :)
We used our second annual free trip to Sea World (for being active duty military) to go with the cousins.
Tough guys on the top row for the Shamu show.
That is definitely Sadie's arm, not Carson's! They were braver than last time, but not brave enough to actually touch. 
Everett feeding the dolphin a fish!
This Sea World trip fulfilled a birthday wish for Everett.
Carson remembered from last time that he did NOT want to ride this roller coaster, but Everett did it and was so proud!
The brave four-year-old!
You know Sam loved the carousel.
Banana snack.
(Part of) The gang ready for another show.
I just loved watching the faces of these two during the shows. So focused on everything going on!
My favorite times spent with the Greers were just hanging out at the house, eating good food, playing with the kids. Rick loved playing tennis with them in the evenings.
Bedtime is much more fun when it's not just your cranky mom trying to get everyone to sleep!
The Greers were here during some of General Conference weekend. Saturday, it was just me and the kids, and I tried to have it be a nice quiet day listening to the talks. This picture lasted about 30 seconds, and the rest of the day was a joke.

Things went much better on Sunday! It was us over here relaxing and listening to some wonderful talks...
...and then these two were over here manning their very own concession stand! (The nice sample lady at HEB gave me those little bowls for the nachos.) Ali helped them get everything set up and make little tickets for everyone. Then the magical part was that they sat quietly during the talks waiting for the songs when they would take town their "clowsed" sign and receive their customers. It was very cute.
Here come the customers.
Baby girl enjoyed attention from all the visitors, of course.
Faye and Wilson kept up a nose-stealing game.
Cousin bonding is so fun; I just wish we could do it a little more often!


Jamie said...

LOVE the concession stand! What a fun idea. We may have to try this!

Emma and Dan said...

I'm going to use that concession stand idea in October. Too cute! Who doesn't love snacks? :)