Wednesday, April 24, 2013

some things.

Just trying to get up-to-date on organizing pictures and realized I have skipped a bunch, so this is a collection of random pictures taken in the last few weeks. (Sometimes I think, seriously, can I just hire someone to do things like organize all our pictures? File all those papers on the kitchen counter? THE LAUNDRY??) Anyway, here we go.

One day, the power was out all afternoon/evening. For some reason the grill wouldn't ignite either, so we had cold tuna and cheese on bread for dinner. The kids loved it.
And this little missy is joining us at the table these days. Isla mostly self-feeds, thanks to my sister introducing me to baby-led weaning. (Whenever I say that, Rick thinks I said "baby linguine.")
My kids love hammocks. We need to get one!
And Everett loves to swing; who cares if it's for babies!
Focusing on learning to crawl. Best done in the nude.
There she goes.
This was on her 6 month birthday.
Still no hair! 6 month details: around the 50th percentile for height and weight; taking three naps a day and finally sleeping better at night for the most part (but still waking up very early! This baby has been the least consistent nighttime sleeper of them all); can scoot across a room; eats bananas and avocado; very easygoing as far as getting her schedule messed up and missing naps; laughs the hardest when tickled under her chin; sees her dad about once a week; no signs of any teeth; just a cute, lovable baby!
If I ever want to make myself cry, I play with Isla and snuggle her before she goes to bed and tell myself that I may not get to do this very many more times. I love this baby!
Carson's school has a big carnival every year for a fundraiser. It was a beautiful day to be outside.
Spinning the wheel to win some coupons. (They were all for a free kids meal with purchase of an adult meal AND A DRINK. Those all went in the trash.)
Our first experience with cascarones. Apparently it's a Latino tradition. They take egg shells, fill them with confetti and decorate them. Then kids run around breaking them over each others' heads. Obviously they're really fun.
The guilty party.
I love catching these two playing together when Carson doesn't know I'm there.
Working on some patio furniture. If only we had more time to do these things!
Isla sucked on my arm one day.
Getting ready to do her plank exercises.
Right leg up, and hold.
Now downward dog.
A set of push ups. (She really needs to work on her form and get that bum down.)

And rest.
Reading practice during breakfast.
A new milestone: learning to use the bulb suction independently.
Flat Stanley from Virginia visiting Carson's class.
Everett likes making his own lego creations.
Oh goodness, look who learned to climb the fence.
Now they play in the neighbor's yard sometimes too!
A classmate of Carson's did this amazing Dr. Seuss birthday party. This was just a prop for photos. There were about 25 other home-made decorations/activities that were amazing. I'm sort of ok with the fact that I didn't do parties for either boy this year!
Baby linguine.
He's often finishing up a Boxcar Children book at breakfast. Also, we've decided he's having a growth spurt. (Except he thinks it's called a "growth sprout.") This particular day he's having both oatmeal and waffles for breakfast.
A dying baby opossum. Don't touch!
I'm really glad it somehow disappeared that night.
Isla with her daddy.
These days we often call her... I don't know how to spell it, but the Spanish diminutive for Isla. So, pronounced "eye-lita." I guess you could spell it "Aylita?" Anyone know? Anyway, we like this little nickname for her.
Just having a really good sleep.
So it's totally true in our family at least, that girls hold pencils correctly and write way earlier than boys.
She carries around a notebook sometimes and can write a few letters.
Everett and a friend.
We made a volcano erupt for our V pre school. The sides of the volcano totally collapsed; oh well!

I hope you didn't read all of that. This is really for documenting the kids' childhoods, and because I can't live with myself if I leave any pictures out!


Melissa S. said...

Love the Aylita nickname. So cute. I've always been a fan of "baby linguine" (hahaha) because I'm just too lazy too. I HATE sitting in front of a baby feeding baby food. So usually animal crackers are the first things introduced to them. The Aldis brand is SO awesome because they dissolve really fast in their mouths. Kellyn loves them. Obviously they're messy. I should try the avocado....then again, I don't share those very well. But a pizza crust sure entertains Kellyn for a WHILE! ;)
Faye is sure a pretty little lady....

Garett and Rachel said...

Mallory holds her pencil correctly and neither one of the boys do. However, she is fighting me hard on learning letters and such. She is worst then the boys if that was possible.

reggstyl said...

This is why we need to live close to each other! I don't find it too difficult to keep pics & files organized but as you know I HATE cleaning/organizing household stuff. We need to do a "dreaded chores" swap.