Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday.

 Get ready for no less than 30 pictures from Easter Sunday.

Besides being miraculous, when I think of the Savior's resurrection and exit from the tomb, words come to mind like fresh, clean, crisp, new, perfect. I think this is why I love dressing my kids in something fresh and new on Easter Sunday. I believe that Jesus Christ's atonement and resurrection triumphs death, sin, pain, sadness...all the dirtiness in the world. And that's why I am posting 30 pictures of my kids, because they represent that cleanliness and hope that Christ offers. And because they are so stinkin' cute I just can't stand to delete any of the pictures.

Blurry picture with lots of buns, but this is me explaining to the kids why they wear something fresh and pure on Easter Sunday.
While sewing Faye's dress, for the first time I felt like I actually know how to sew a little bit. Unfortunately, my projects always seem to end messily, so here I am, using safety pins so the dress will actually fit.
Ready to go search for their Easter baskets. I won't tell you how late I stayed up making that cute tie for Everett. And then we dressed him in a vest, which covered 90% of the tie.
Pre-church photo shoot. Carson and Faye look like such a serious little couple. Everett really liked the net they got in their baskets. They all dream of catching a bird someday.
Isla, oh the cuteness! Isla's is a dress I made for Faye a while ago. I fixed the neckline which I had done poorly the first time.
The sisters have a little chat while Carson warily eyes Everett with that net.
This little man! The suit is one from Rick's boyhood. Wouldn't it be fun to have a five-year-old Rick stand next to Carson? Rick had a little more meat on his bones, but obviously they look alike.
Faye wears those worried eyebrows for many of her waking hours.
Handsome dude with a net.
Pretty girl who won't let go of her basket.
He's counting down the days til he is finally a four-year-old.
My boys.

The little bald wonder! She's had a runny nose and red eyes since she was born, really. Allergies?
Isla sits on her own very reliably these days. She can also do a really fun scoot across the room. She does the infamous plank, then shoots herself forward landing on her chest, repeat til she gets to where she wants to be.
I knew that net was going to reappear here.
Pretty girl plays in the van.
Oh do you just want to eat her up??
Had to confess about those last minute safety pins. Sad. I also should credit my friend Jan with helping me start the dress. I showed her a picture, and she helped me make sort of a pattern with scrap fabric. But then I did the rest all by myself, believe it or not! And it was even enjoyable.
The cutest part about making the dress was how involved Faye was. While we measured her for it, she stood very still. Anytime she would wake up from a nap, she would ask if I had been working on her "Easta' dress." When I told her it was ready to be tried on, she about jumped out of her skin. I will never get tired of saying I am so glad I have a little girl!

Happy Easter!


Barbaloot said...

Carson's suit is awesome--he looks like a southern gentleman:) They all look super cute and I'm way impressed with your sewing.

Emma and Dan said...

They're all so cute!

Kelly Divine said...

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