Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Monkey

My sweet little boy used to go down for his naps so calmly. A little snuggling, a little singing, and he would lay his head down as I placed him in his crib. NOW, he has discovered the art of climbing up the crib rails to stand up. Now, after the snuggling and singing, I lay him down in his crib, and he puts his head down for a second. Then, he sees the crib rails, remembers what he can do with them, and quickly pops up on all fours, bolts for the side of the crib, and scales the rails to stand up. Fortunately, he's not afraid to let go of the crib to get back down. However, since the crib has become a jungle gym, naps seem to have become play time. The last hour-and-a-half, for example, should have been nap time. I watched through a crack in the door as he stood up, sat down, rolled around, cried a little, stood up, sat down, cried, etc. over and over again.

Will he ever sleep again?

P.S. We left our already-dying camera in Utah, which is why I've been lacking pictures lately. Poor Carson's life history will be missing his 8th month. Once we get a certain huge check from a certain branch of the military, we'll finally be camera owners again.


JenSwen said...

Is there a way you can make his room dark enough that he can't see the crib rails? We have heavy blankets over Kate's window so it's pitch-black when we turn off the light, and she's always slept great that way.

I think this is a common problem so maybe you'll get some great suggestions.

Anonymous said...

i sent you some pictures! did you get them?

Page said...

Jen- You are so smart. I remember you telling me that now. We have tons of extra blankets and sheets, and I think we'll try it.

Kenz- I got them, looked at them, and then I forgot! Thanks for reminding me. I'll post them.

JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

Oh I know how that is...Ever since Andy learned how to stand she has not taken a nap. The only time is if she falls asleep in my arms...

I have tried to make it dark and everything, but she knows where she sleeps and what is around her, so it doens't help. I have had to put her in there and listen to her scream herself to sleep. She is slowly learning that I am not coming to get her out so she just needs to make peace with it...good luck!!